Here at Finalcrux Films, we love every piece of work we produce. Sometimes, other people love it too! That gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling.

To show this love, film festivals and photography competitions select our best work to be shown to audiences all across the globe. From as close as Edinburgh, to as far as Vancouver!

Sometimes, if they really love it, they’ll even give us an award for our hard work. This is the cherry on top of a damn tasty cake.

We’ve even been asked to talk to audiences about our experiences and show them the pictures we take and the films we produce. And more often than not, this includes behind the scenes clips and photos, as well as exclusive content that hasn’t been seen anywhere else.

After all, what’s the point in creating something beautiful if you can’t share it with the world?





Photo: Euan Ryan talking at Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2015